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SEGA SC-3000 Survivors CollectionPlay SC-3000 Survivors is aimed at all those who have a passion for 8-Bit retro-gaming.

This site has been developed around SEGA SC-3000 Action script 3 emulator, by Digimorf, converted to Javascript recently. Here you can play all titles released for SG-1000/SC-3000 SEGA consoles.

Soon it will be updated with more features such as save/load, but for now enjoy your retro time break!

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Random selection of Games released for SEGA SG-1000 console and SEGA SC-3000 Home Computer. Just click on a game box to play it. Follow instructions and just enjoy your "Retro-break" !
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SEGA SC-3000 Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack

Sega (1985) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - MyCard

Platform game


SEGA SC-3000 Challenge Derby

Challenge Derby

Tsukuda Original (1984) - Othello Multivision SEGA SC-3000 - Cartridge

Horse racing simulation.


SEGA SC-3000 Champion Tennis

Champion Tennis

Sega (1986) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - Cartridge

Action tennis game


SEGA SC-3000 Flicky


Sega (1984) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - MyCard

Arcade platform game.


SEGA SC-3000 Gulkave


Sega (1986) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - MyCard

Action space shooting game.


SEGA SC-3000 Pachinko II

Pachinko II

Sega (1984) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - Cartridge

Sequel of Pachinko action puzzle game


SEGA SC-3000 Pitfall II

Pitfall II

Activision, Sega (1985) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - MyCard

Action adventure game


SEGA SC-3000 Sindbad Mystery

Sindbad Mystery

Sega (1983) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - Cartridge

Action game


SEGA SC-3000 Yamato


Sega (1983) - SEGA SG-1000 SEGA SC-3000 - Cartridge

Action shooting game


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